Why we’re here


We created roster to better connect and grow the individuals, companies and suppliers within commercial restoration. We’re working to overcome the labor shortage by connecting the right people and right jobs, and by helping individual crew members grow their skills and move to the next level, creating a clear pathway for career opportunity in this industry.  



What we believe



Jobs are a transaction between people. Without people, there is no work to be done. We always put people first



The power of a network is greater than the power of any one person. We exist to connect as many people within the commercial restoration workforce as possible, shrinking a traditionally vast and fragmented universe into a more fixed, more reliable network.



We help people and companies grow to become the best, most profitable version of themselves.



We believe full-circle communication and feedback is the currency of a strong community—peer-to-peer, mentor-to-peer, peer-to-mentor, person-to-network and network-to-person.