Keep your crew

When your customers are quiet, keep your crew around and stay profitable by finding work through roster. Make your company profile and add available crew members—include their classifications, rates, skills, certifications and work experience. The more specific you are, the better job offers you’ll receive.



Get opportunities

As your crew gets invited to jobs, you can accept or reject each offer. If you accept, you’ll be able to manage and monitor your crew’s on-the-job progress like they’re working for you—because they are. Repeat as needed between seasonal cycles and customer demands. Enjoy as your utilization skyrockets.


Get paid

Send invoices and get payment directly within the roster app.


Hire crew

More resources.
Less overhead.

Let roster help you find the right people to get the job done—and done right—whether work starts today, tomorrow or next week.


Build your company profile

Making your company profile is easy—add the details of your upcoming job opportunities and basic contact info. Once you specify your industry and the type of work you do, you’re all set to search and hire work-ready crew members using roster.


Get help

Request the crew members you need by specifying labor classification, skills, certifications and desired experience. Immediately start to receive crew matches that you can accept or reject.


Get to work

Once you accept, manage people and jobs remotely by sharing the job scope, tasks and dispatching work orders to hired candidates directly within roster. View live, detailed timesheets and job cost reports—no paperwork necessary.

Pay with ease

Pay or send invoices directly within the roster app.* Doesn’t get much easier than that.


Give feedback

Once jobs are complete, rate and review your hired crew members. Favorite those you like best and start to build relationships. Crew members will rate your company too—roster is a community that thrives on mutual respect.