Get work-ready.


roster is a network that helps field service crew members, companies and suppliers grow—and get more work.

Work-ready crew members and companies are always ready to say yes—no matter how big the job.


As an independent contractor or field service crew member, finding the kind of jobs you want (when you want them) can be tough. Joining roster helps crew connect with more jobs and actively grow their labor skills. Best of all, roster will always be free for crew members to join. Always.


Overcoming the labor shortage is as simple as connecting the right people. For companies, joining roster means saying yes to more opportunities that can grow your business—and your bottom line—with 24/7 access to work-ready crew.

Labor Suppliers

Downtime is a problem we can help you solve. By listing your available crew members and specialties on roster, you can increase utilization through access to additional work opportunities. Plus, you can send invoices and get paid directly within roster.

Learn more.
Earn more.

roster makes career advancement easy by arming you with new skills—and more earning potential.


Grow with every job—and beyond

Never let one or two skills hold you back from a job opportunity again. roster can provide training courses to be taken independently, track your credits for on-the-job training and even facilitate mentor-based learning. Wherever you are in your career, there’s a way to earn at the next level by staying work-ready through roster. 


Three types of work-ready Advancement

designed to meet you where you are:


On your own time, access courses through roster in everything from new labor skills to leadership training. Choose one of three Off-the-Job pathways.


Some of the best lessons are learned on the job. Crews and Companies can track on-the-job training in different ways, earning new certifications and pay eligibility, or roster points that can be redeemed for free training or cash.


Advancement is a great way to start earning more through roster. Get certified in new skills by a Mentor, or become a Mentor and earn extra cash for teaching others what you know.